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IFA Perspectives: Ian Brooks at True Potential


Ian Brooks

IFA Direct Home: Can you tell us a bit about your background?

Ian Brooks: I have over 15 years experience in the financial services industry having worked for various high street banks before joining True Potential.

IFA Direct Home: Who should be seeking advice?

Ian Brooks: Everyone at some point in their lives would benefit from a financial review, whether it is reviewing current arrangements to ensure they are correct or to discover and discuss new ones.

IFA Direct Home: Why should they seek advice over making a decision themselves?

Ian Brooks: Financial planning can be daunting due to the jargon and complexities and there is the danger of making the wrong decision. I present advice in a clear, concise understandable manner and endeavour to ensure the correct product is chosen and remains suitable.

IFA Direct Home: What financial pitfalls might people come across?

Ian Brooks: Financial planning is a journey and pitfalls maybe encountered along the way, a financial adviser will steer around these pitfalls to help achieve the objective. Although numerous the most common pitfalls being, wrong product, under performance, unsuitable level of risk, non utilisation of tax efficient products.

IFA Direct Home:  Can you explain the process of receiving financial advice?

Ian Brooks: Firstly it begins with a very informal cost free discussion in order to ascertain if a need exists. Should there be a need a plan is formulated to achieve it before presentation to the client. Lastly the plan is monitored to ensure it remains suitable.

IFA Direct Home: Do you find that a client’s initial objective changes following their first meeting with you?

Ian Brooks: Not so much change in that new ones are discovered upon initial discussion.

IFA Direct Home: How much does advice cost?

Ian Brooks: The initial meeting is free, after which a fee is agreed between the adviser and client before any work is undertaken.

IFA Direct Home: Isn’t it a catch-22 situation to be spending money to find out how to save money?

Ian Brooks: It’s about what benefit a financial adviser can provide. If at the initial meeting it is not in the clients interest to proceed I will tell them so, I only become involved if I can make a difference.

IFA Direct Home: How often do you review the financial situation with your clients?

Ian Brooks: Clients are able to log  into a dedicated client site 24/7 via computer or mobile. I am also available throughout. A more formal discussion is held every 6 months or annually, subject to needs.

Ryan Mellor
Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, IFA Direct Home, RMT Direct Leads and RegulatedAdvice.co.uk.