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Interview with RMT Group employee, Tony Warrington


Tony Warrington, one of RMT’s longest established call centre operatives talks about his role and life at RMT.

“My role at RMT is to make pension review appointments for clients and also to help new staff with getting used to the systems. Any new member of staff will receive a week’s training so by the time they start working on the phones they will have a thorough knowledge of pension regulations and the service we offer, but it can take them some time to get used to the systems, so I help them with things like booking appointments on the system. I’m also on hand to answer any questions that might arise as they start making calls.

“When I call a potential client I talk to them to find out firstly if I can help them and then how I can help them. Most people are not aware of the charges applied to their pensions.

“Traditionally pension statements are the sort of thing that people receive in the post and simply file straight away into a drawer, sometimes without even opening. Often when I’m speaking to a potential client they are not aware of what’s on their latest statement or that they are effectively paying to have their pension looked after. A lot of people also aren’t aware that they can do something about it.

“Fees on older pensions were traditionally much higher, before the FCA got involved and so it’s likely that someone with a pension that hasn’t been reviewed for many years could actually be paying up to four times more than they need to in fees.

“My role is to find out what kind of pension they have, estimate the likely fees they will be paying and determine whether a pension review will be worthwhile for them. I’m not a financial advisor so I cannot give them any advice on their pension, but I can illustrate the benefits of a pension review.

“The main advantage of a pension review is that it costs nothing, just an hour of their time to establish if their pension is performing at its best for them. As all the Independent Financial Advisors we work with are FCA regulated, they will only advise a person to transfer their pension if it will leave them financially better off as a result. If a financial advisor reviews a pension and establishes it is performing well, his or her advice would be to leave it where it is, so it really is a win-win situation for anyone having their pension reviewed – they either receive peace of mind that it’s performing well or have the option to transfer it and become financially better off when it comes to retirement.

“I very much enjoy working for RMT, they are fair employers and it’s a nice office to work in. I enjoy the office environment but for many the flexibility of being able to work remotely from home, saving on travel costs is what really appeals.”

Ryan Mellor
Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, IFA Direct Home, RMT Direct Leads and

Interview with Martin Potts, RMT Group Training Manager


Martin Potts, RMT Group Training Manager talks about his role at RMT and the role of the call centre operators, who he both trains and provides ongoing support to.

RMT offers complimentary appointments with Independent Financial Advisors across the UK. The aim of the appointments is to give members of the public the opportunity to have their pension reviewed by an FCA-regulated Independent Financial Advisor, who can assess whether their pension is performing for them and advise them of any course of action that will make them financially better off.

The first stage in this process starts will a call from an RMT phone operative who will provide awareness of the changes in pension legislation and explain exactly what takes place at an appointment and how it can be of benefit.

The majority of call centres operatives at RMT are home-based, giving them the flexibility to fit their work around other commitments. Their career at RMT starts off as office-based, where they receive training and support until they are ready to work from home.

“The training really centres around instilling the foundations and the knowledge in our new employees,” Martin Potts explains. “ It comprises of three, what we call, classroom days, where they are taken through the UK pensions market, the news laws that are in place and the changes to pension legislation.

“It’s important to remember that we are not training IFAs but our call centre operators do need to have a foundation knowledge of both the service we offer and the pensions market so that they can communicate this effectively to people.

“Following the training, employees spend around one month working in our incubation centre, working with myself and one other experienced office-based operator until they are confident in what they are doing and are able to work from home.

“And even when they become home-based we are still there at the end of the phone if they need our help or support. In addition, we continually monitor performance and listen to recordings of calls to ensure the quality of their work is always at the highest level and provide feedback as and when necessary.

“Our call centre operation is based in Spain and so when we look to recruit new employees we look for someone who is already settled and established in Spain. We look for someone who is experienced in working in call centres, someone who ideally has a background in finance and, most importantly, is confident in communicating on the phone.

“We can teach people all about the service we offer and the pensions market but the one thing we cannot teach them is how to be confident on the phone.

“Anyone receiving a call from one of our operatives can expect to speak to a professional individual. It’s important to remember that we are not trying to sell anything, so it’s not a case that they are going to be receiving a call from a sales person.

“Our role is to help people to understand that it is something that could be of benefit to them. We raise awareness of the new pension legislation, explain how this could affect them and give them the opportunity to speak with an Independent Financial Advisor.

“It is a complimentary review with someone who is professional, it is something that the UK Government recommends everyone should do to ensure their pension is in order.

“An Independent Financial Advisor will give you an hour of their time, review your financial situation and, in most cases, will be able to come back with a solution to your problem.

“On the flipside, if they review your situation and everything is fine, then they will recommend you leave things as they are, which gives you peace of mind that your pension is performing well. And who wouldn’t want to receive peace of mind about something that is so crucial to you in later life.

“Sometimes people expect that it will be a sales man turning up to their home for the consultation and they are pleasantly surprised to discover they are not. Instead, it’s a qualified and regulated advisor who provides honest and professional advice and anyone who has a meeting with an Independent Financial Advisor is under no obligation to take things further.

“They are simply presented with the options available to them and clear information on how this could benefit them. Any costs associated with any recommendations are clearly and transparently explained, leaving them with the information they need to make an informed choice about what to do with their pension.

“I actually really enjoy my role at RMT. It’s not a pressurised sales environment, it’s a professional office, with a nice small team and it’s great to work for an established, professional company with a bright future ahead.”

Ryan Mellor
Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, IFA Direct Home, RMT Direct Leads and

Interview with Ryan Mellor, Sales Director of RMT Group


Ryan, why do you think the UK market financial services lead generation is so interesting for RMT Group?

I think the UK market is interesting for two main reasons. The first reason is that our brand RMT Group and RMT Direct Leads is well recognized in the UK by Independent Financial Advisors and Restricted Advisors alike because of its great reputation for high quality appointments offered, which has helped us achieve steady growth over the past 4 years.

Large financial advice networks and its advisors rely on our customer acquisition solutions, such as True Potential, SJPP and Charles  Derby. We work in total with 35  financial advisor firms who have a constant demand for our appointments. We have now completed a large number of appointments and positive testimonials over the past 4 years that we now use to strengthen the positive image of our brand. We are also #1 on Google UK for many related financial services lead search terms.

The second reason is our role in the UK market. We have recently registered a Gibraltar office that applies no VAT to the sale of services to the UK means we have a unique 20% advantage over our UK competition. Gibraltar itself is dominated by financial services and online gambling. It represents a big opportunity to take RMT Group to another level and expand volumes considerably.

How are financial services lead generation doing at the moment?

Since the introduction of the Retail Distribution Review in 2012 we have seen strong demand for financial services leads. To put it simply, it is now very feasible for a financial advisor to buy in leads and turn these into fees with relative ease as you are now giving the consumer a service that should improve their financial situation. We have almost unlimited demand for our appointment service but the difficulty lies in generating the actual appointments, which is becoming increasingly challenging. Through data profiling we have stemmed the natural decline in call rate conversions, which has happened over the past 2 years due to PPI and Charity telephone campaigns which have impacted negatively in the consumers mind. Added to that the recent clampdown by the Information Commissioners Office (ICO) on opted-in data has resulted in Call Credit Group pulling out of the market for the supply of consumer data in February this year, which has made data acquisition very much more difficult.  We have discovered that a appointment setting is still our strongest sector. It represents 60% of everything we do. We moved into the online financial services lead generation earlier this year which is growing steadily.

What strategy have you put in place?

There are three clear strategy points that I’ve been focusing on. We’ve been focusing on upholding the great brand that RMT Group represents. We must always be aware of perception in the market, our customer service, so that our brand stays strong. Our second strategy is to do business with both clients and end-users in both the online financial services sector and financial advisor appointment setting, which is our strongest area. Thirdly, to be the number one choice for high quality financial advisor appointments covering the UK.

Are there any activities or current projects you could talk to us about?

This year we have rebranded IFA Direct to IFA Direct Home and launched a brand new website and brand, Local Professional Direct. This will enable RMT Group to expand into other verticals such as Mortgages, Insurance, Accountants and even Architect’s leads.

Could you tell us a bit more about your call centre, its structure and the people

We have colleagues who have spent a long time at RMT Group, such as Ann Causer and Peter Buckley. They know the product and our people very well. We’ve been working together for a long time. It is important to have trustworthy and reliable RMT Group colleagues.

Three years ago, we had the possibility to move to larger premises, which we did and more recently we added a second office for the online activities. We like to have a good atmosphere between our colleagues. We always do a summer event, this year being in Malaga and we also get together every year for the Christmas party in our favourite restaurant Ponchos. There are 15 of us all together in the office. There is an Operations Manager, two administration assistants ten co-ordinators,  Charlotte Till, who is the Operations Director, and myself.

Could you tell us about your background?

After my university degree, I began my career as a trainee architect for the architectural firm Lawrence Tring Architect’s. I then had the opportunity to work as a technical coordinator for a social housing developer company in London, Lovell’s, before moving on to Taylor Woodrow. After relocating to Spain 11 years ago, I started a new career in marketing overseas property and investments before setting up my own company. In 2012, with Charlotte Till, I set up RMT Group (UK) Ltd a company providing financial services leads to the new restructured financial services sector before setting up RMT Group Limited in Gibraltar in 2015. We own the brands IFA Direct Home and Local Professional Direct. I live in Spain with my partner Charlotte Till and we have one son.

Ryan Mellor
Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, IFA Direct Home, RMT Direct Leads and

Meet Ryan Mellor, Co-founder & Sales Director at RMT Group


I started out in life training to be an Architect before spending 7 years working in architecture and as a Technical Co-ordinator for two major UK house builders – Taylor Wimpey and Lovells.

More recently, I’ve spent more than 8 years as a call centre entrepreneur for various ventures that include the sales & marketing of international property in the USA and South America, to the raising of environmental  finance through projects in Africa for companies such as Co2balance.

During the last three years I have worked at developing the RMT brand. This includes:

  • RMT Direct Leads, which is ranked #1 on Google UK for all the major financial services lead terms
  • IFA Direct Home – a consumer brand that connects people to regulated financial advice
  • RMT Recruitment that specialises in overseas IT & financial services recruitment

Our aim at RMT Group is to become the largest provider of financial services leads in the UK through the brands IFA Direct Home and RMT Direct Leads. To date we have generated more than £60 million in pension reviews through over 2,400 appointments made for over 30 IFA firms in the UK. We have just moved into the home finance sector in the UK with a new mortgage appointment product that is open to both IFAs and Restricted Advisors.

I’m a passionate believer in entrepreneurship and creating an environment where people want to work. It’s all I have ever wanted to do and from my experience it can take a number of attempts to find something that works.

It also takes time to develop  the right solutions that will ultimately transform your business into a successful business.

Ryan Mellor, Co-founder & Sales Director at RMT Group

ryan mellor

Ryan Mellor
Ryan Mellor is Co-founder of RMT Group, IFA Direct Home, RMT Direct Leads and