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The Average Briton Could Save £30,000 over 10 Years Through Regulated Advice


Regulated Advice

The average British man is 38, will live another 41 years and is educated  to at least to A-level standard. The average British woman is two years older and will live to 82.

The average man works 39 hours a week and earns £27,600 a year. On average, women work less – 34 hours a week – and earn less – £22,151. (1)

The average loan to value (LTV) for a mortgage in the UK is 48%. (3) The average house price  is £218,000 in 2016. (2) London is more than twice this at £537,000 compared to £157,000 in the North East. (3) Mr and Mrs Average have typically paid off 32% of their mortgage. (4)

People between the ages of 35 and 54 have typically saved £8,138, while over-65s have more than twice this amount with almost £18,000 set aside. UK adults have savings that are 21% of average annual earnings. (5)

Average house price – £218,000
Average mortgage – £104,640
Average savings – £8,138
Average pension pot – £45,000 (6)
Average salary – £27,600

The average salary UK for the tax year ending 5 April 2015 was £27,600. This is a median average and an increase of 1.6% over the 2014 median average which was £27,200. These averages are for full time employees with data taken from the ONS Annual Average Salary Survey. (5)

Lets see how much can be saved by Mr. Average who employs a regulated advisor.

Mortgage – Average mortgage of £104,640 is £436.00 per month @ 5% average over next 10 years.  Fixing at 3%  gives a mortgage per month of £261.60 giving a saving of ******£20,928.*****

Savings – Assumes we invest half £4,069 into a discretionary managed funds and the financial advisor could beat the high street rate by just a mere 3%. That’s a difference of £139.71 per year or a saving over 10 years of *****£1,397.*****

Pension – £45,000 pension is currently charged at 2%. If this was  reduced to 0.5%.  The calculation DOES not include enhanced performance as a result of the charges staying in the pension or performance of the pension itself. The savings alone amounts to £675 per year or over a decade *****£6,750.*****

Life Insurance – 40-year-old man for £250,000 worth of life and critical illness insurance, lasting 25 years.  For example, a level-term life assurance policy for £250,000 would cost a 40-year-old male non-smoker £23.08 through an adviser, £29.85 through Tesco Bank and £35.30 if bought directly from Aviva. That’s a saving over 10 years of *****£1,466.*****

Total – £30,541 saved over 10 years by seeking financial regulated advice. Pretty amazing the power of good financial advice!

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